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Coy’s Bio and Mission Statement

High Pass Productions


Coy Howell, owner and chief engineer of High Pass Productions, is a lifelong musician.  A passionate engineer, Coy prioritizes quality and musicianship in his productions.  He graduated from Dark Horse Institute in 2016 where he studied under industry leading Nashville engineers, and has since kept busy with various freelance and creative work in the Middle Tennessee area doing live sound, studio work, and video projects.  He has been on staff in various production roles at The River Community Church, Breakthrough Church, and Life Church in Cookeville, TN.

Along with live broadcasting, he has engineered many shows with a live recording set up for later video and audio content.  He has recorded and mixed for many Christian music bands and local singer-songwriters. With recording and mixing being his main love, he is also very knowledgeable about guitar tones and intricate guitar set up.  A lifelong guitarist himself, he loves helping fellow artists find the right equipment from pickups to amps to strings to help create the most expressive sounds that fits that individual artist. 


Coy believes that music is a gift from God, and that he has been called to participate in and help elevate the music that is in the kingdom of God today.  With that mindset, his mission is to “make today a better yesterday for tomorrow!”  

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